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Programmatic Digital Advertising
24G's proven combination of intelligent machine based learning, in conjunction with human guided hands-on optimization and analysis
24G provides a full-service programmatic execution strategy designed for every client’s specific digital marketing objectives.

24G implements display and video executions through the Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform), utilizing multiple custom targeting options to ensure your advertising message is getting in front of unique and qualified digital customers--in real time.

Advertisers can enhance their reach by leveraging existing audiences using tracking pixels, data management platforms (DMP), advertiser-hashed audiences and much more. This lets advertisers optimize relevant ads to the same audiences across devices and ad formats--to help drive greater relevance, improve campaign performance, and maximize profits.
Machine Learning Precision
To focus your approach
For Existing Audiences:
Activate with Pixel-based targeting, Data Management Platforms (DMP), or Hashed Audiences / e-mail lists.
Through Real Time Purchases Conversion Attribution:
Let your data guide your next ad buy.
With 24G’s exclusive access to Amazon First-Party Data and Amazon Audiences:
24G is one of the few agencies in the world with access to Amazon’s real-time sales data.
Campaign Management & Detailed Analytics
Teamed with expert analytics
Hands on human-based daily monitoring & optimization.
Intelligent machine based assistance.
New customer acquistion analytics.
Amazon Brand Retail Insights.
A full toolkit of conversion & awareness tactical solutions
Amazon data-driven audience targeting
Lifestyle/Behavioral based targeting.
In-market/Intender based targeting.
Custom Audience Segmentation Capabilities.
Premium, high-quality video campaign solutions
Behavioral Data.
In-market/Intender Data.
Custom Amazon Audiences.
Campaign management & detailed analytics
Reach audiences across both Amazon owned sites and apps, leading publisher
sites from Amazon publisher services and third party supply sources.
Brand Safety
Custom Amazon Audiences.
Ability to block non-brand safe websites.
(Ex: Adult Content, Drugs/Alcohol/Controlled Substance, Piracy/Copyright Infringement, etc.)
Partnerships with DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science.
The proof is in the profits
Through Q4 of 2018, 24G began working with a top international book publishing company. The client goal was to increase purchases, while minimally increasing advertising spend. Utilizing Amazon's real time sales data, 24G launched an aggressive retargeting execution to increase ad sales. Within two months, by the end of Q4 2018, the book publisher increased their return on ad spend by an incredible 228% utilizing the 24G programmatic marketing team.

Contact 24G to learn how we can fuel your long-term growth and protect your advertising investments by leveraging Amazon DSP solutions to increase your sales, reach and maximize your brand message to reach the right qualified users.